Before I Was Known (Phase 1, Done)

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It’s just really peaceful sitting here by the lake and watching the ducks walk and swim around as the sun goes down. It’s the end of my personal 30 day challenge, Phase1, and I have completed all my goals. Not only have I completed the goals but I have excelled on them. However, there is one goal I did not complete, but that is a learning tool to me that it is not always about accomplishing a goal, but about the path and what I learned a long period.

In this life we have many distractions: Facebook, Instagram, text messaging, television and so forth. Sometimes we even use our relationships, even if they are toxic, to be our distraction from looking at ourselves and bettering ourselves. For the next phase, Phase 2, of my 30 day challenge, I plan to eliminate the negative external distractions and only include positive interactions as much as possible.

What I advise people to do before they set out to do something like this, is to not label distractions and interactions incorrectly. An example of a distraction is text messaging for one hour about something that is not of importance of that moment. I will leave you to decide what is important and what is not important in that moment, because we can convince ourselves anything. An interaction, can be positive when it’s placed at the right moment in your life. For example, after I’ve completed a solid day of work, I enjoy to go watch a hockey game with my hockey buddies and chat for a little bit, but make sure to go to bed on time so I do not mess up my next day.

Am I at this level of putting my words to action? No. This will be one of my main focuses for the next 30 days. These things will not only help me to produce better teaching material for my students, but better my personal life and of those around me.

At this point, I am not known for what I do, because I have chosen to keep this private. One day, clearly it is the day you are reading this, I will make this public to share with those around me. Until then, I must make sure to protect myself from my external environment until I can build my solid core.

I hope this becomes a solid documentary and support for those of you who wish to do the same for your lives.

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