The Two-Week Point (Phase 1, Day 11)

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Dragon Fruit BowlIn my experience, two weeks is the point where you are on track with your goals, but you begin to burn out. You feel you are doing great and it is time to relax. If we are not careful, this is where we let it all go.

You start to feel the soreness of your body, the muscle aches and the mental aches. Sometimes you question yourself as to why you are doing all of this unnecessary work on yourself. You might even start to look around at your life and blame other people, things or situations as to why you feel like this now.

I want to offer you a change of perspective, as I offer it to myself.

Look around at life and try to change the filters you are using.

Just like in Snapchat (add me: ProfRoofs) where we swipe left and right to use filters that make us or other objects look better, or at the least, different, do that in your mind. I put a nice filter on the picture of this Dragon Fruit Bowl I made yesterday. What recipes do you have for me? I share mine on my Snaps. Next time I post one up, send me a Snap and let me know what you think!

So what I am saying is we can’t change what is actually happening around us and/or the events we are currently experiencing. However, try and look at them in a different light. Talk to yourself and give yourself that advise as if you were your own parent/advisor.

Never Give UpRight now as I write this post, I stop so that I can encourage myself to see my situations currently in life with a better filter. Automatically I want to blame certain people or situations for where I am now. Then I stop and see where I am now with a different mindset and I realize it’s actually pretty cool. It is hard to do, but we need to remind ourselves it is not accomplishing the goal that is the ultimate happiness, but rather learning how to approach life, its situations and interacting with others along the path to our goals that will give us this joy.

For a while now, I have been waking up late and missing the beautiful morning time where it is very peaceful. That time is very important to me and the start of my day. However, it doesn’t have to be the only peaceful time of my day. Like a child, when we don’t get what we want, we act all grumpy and down. What has passed, has passed, and what we can do is see what we have and where we can go from here. Be thankful that you woke up in peace and have the things you have and don’t have. Remember, it’s not waking up early that is the key, but it is the realization that another way to appreciate life more is to make a move towards that moment while you enjoy your present moment and see its beauty. Be thankful to God that you can even do something as simple as have the vision to read these words. If that was taken from you then you would beg God to have that back.

It won’t happen right away, but little by little and with practice, you can train that mental muscle. Tell me below how you train your mental muscle.

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