Fight for Yourself (Phase 1, Day 20)

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Day 20One third of the way there and I feel like time is running out. I can’t tell if twenty days left is a lot of time or very little time. Glass half full or half empty.

After working all day yesterday teaching online and running errands, I decided to go for a run at night around 9pm. It was dark, the weather was nice and cool and I was yawning. I debated between bed versus a run. I have always been doing 8 miles as my max run and I decided this time I wanted to do 9 miles. I almost thought 10 miles for a moment, but what I feel we often do is push too hard so that the next day we take away from ourselves.

I strapped on my heart rate monitor around my chest, put on my running shoes, filled up my Camelpak with water, packed some energy gels and started off with some peaceful Christian music in my ears. I’m used to playing motivational tunes or upbeat Latin music for my runs, but I wanted this run to start off tranquil. I didn’t care if I ran or walked, I just wanted to go out there and enjoy. I figured if I wasn’t enjoying it that I could always call an Uber back home, but I would go for as long as I was relaxed and enjoying my time.

What happens when we work out, study or aim to complete a task, is we think that our only fuel should be discipline and if we feel miserable, that the miserable feeling is insignificant and we should continue regardless. That is a method, but it is a method that eventually leads to burning out. In addition, we forget that the true goal is not the goal itself, but the character, spirit, and personality we build along the path to the goal because that will define how we face obstacles in our life.

By the time I finished listening to some Joel Osteen, I was at my halfway mark of 4.5 miles at a large local park in Weston, Florida. There were friends and family playing soccer, or should I say futbol, on the fields, but there was also an empty and lit up hockey rink. I thought how amazing it would be if a kid only had skates and a stick and came here every day and could play and train for free and would be the next NHL superstar and how it only takes that passion and love to achieve your dreams. God will give you what you need when he feels your heart.

I took a seat on one of the empty players’ benches and continued listening to Joel. For some reason, his following words resonated in my mind: “When you come to the end of life, you will stand in front of God, not in front of people.”

I got a sense of how much more important it is to create all my works and share them, not just to better myself, but to share with the people and not worry what they say or think. In the end, God is the final judge. I am not just a medical student, a doctor, an Egyptian, an American, a professor, a hockey player, but an individual before God. Too many times we worry what others will think of us or our work. However, we can’t let that be our focus. Stay around the positive environments as much as possible. As much as possible. Don’t hate or judge others no matter how they treat you, just pray that God gives you what you need and they need, then move on.

Day 20 WeightI ended up running 9.5 miles in a little over two hours and it felt great. I was relaxed and had a good time. I was actually flying on my way home! I couldn’t believe how fast I was running, about a 7 minute 15 second mile. For me, that is flying, as I’m used to 9-11 minute miles. Just listening to some upbeat music and stepping to the beat and feeling the passion of the lyricist who wrote the music as it took over my mind and body.

I woke up this morning and already hit my physical goal that I wanted to hit by the end of week: 187 lb. I actually passed it! Now the weight will go up gradually during the week again, because I lost a good amount of water, but as long as I eat well and keep balanced workouts, then it should stay around 187 by the end of the week. It is not just about hitting the goal once and done, but about keeping a balanced path and lifestyle. So because I hit the goal now, does not really count. I need to maintain this throughout the week.

Today I will work more on PhysioStasis and hopefully complete the outline for Chapter 3. The Nervous System is a big chapter and I will admit I have been holding back from going at it, but it’s time.

How do you approach tasks that seem big/difficult? Let me know below.

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