On the Path (Phase 1, Day 22)

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Day 22It is Sunday now and the first week has passed of this 30 day challenge. My body is broken down, but my spirits are lifted. Let’s take a look at the short-term goals I originally set to accomplish by today:

  • Weigh 188 lb.
  • Earn an undisclosed amount of money
  • Complete my outline of Chapter 3 (Nervous System) of PhysioStasis.com

I have reached 188.2 lb., slightly exceeded earning the amount of money I wanted to earn this week, and have started my outline of Chapter 3 (Nervous System) for PhysioStasis. So if we are going to be technical and to the point, then I only hit ONE of my three goals.

However, these are the material, physical and visible goals I set out to accomplish. What hinders us from seeing our goals is the mental and spiritual strengths we gain on the path.

I woke up this morning struggling to contract my deltoid (shoulder) muscle as I reached to my phone to check the time. It is very sore to use even to drink this cup of coffee I’m trying to enjoy as I type this blog. Nonetheless, I have gained the insight and spirit of how to endure and continue despite the difficult moments. These difficult moments are only muscle soreness, but for others it can be diseases such as cancer or broken relationships. Regardless, the times you are broken down, small or big, can be used to build you up. They are going to happen, so might as well understand how to face them.

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Yesterday I was at a friend’s house and someone there saw the background on my phone with the number 23. She asked me why I had that number on my phone. This was the second time in this past week that someone had asked me about the numbers on my phone. I explained to her that I was doing a 30 Day Challenge for myself and every day I put up how many days are left. It serves as a continual reminder to me to stay on my path. I also try to change the background picture every day to make it personally inspirational and meaningful. I guess I thought a cup of coffee was meaningful for today. She was inspired by this short story and told me that she was going to do the same thing in order to quit smoking. Whether she does it or not is not the main point, but the fact that she voluntarily mentioned that she would try, makes me feel good that she encouraged the fighting spirit within her to live the life she wants to live, regardless of the difficulties.

So don’t focus solely on if you’re hitting your goals 100%, because I believe it is more important to focus on the moments on the path and how they build you up to be a better and stronger person, who can face life with understanding and share that love with others. If you develop this spirit, then the goals will inevitably be hit.

Let me know below how you face the difficulties of life and any suggestions you have myself or others.

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