Self-Discipline & Trust (Phase 1, Day 23)

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Today I am going to see the air show at Ft. Lauderdale. I am sure being a pilot has been a dream for many young men. It is such an adrenaline rush to see those planes flying overhead and doing those cool moves. It will be a great day of hanging out with my hockey buddies and enjoying the outdoors.

I found a great challenge that happens is how do we stick to our goals, while still enjoying our fun times. At first I tried the method of saying, “Today is an exception.” Then every time I was with my friends was an exception and I ended up having more exceptions than normal days. Clearly that method did not work.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I decided I would not go around my friends until I reached my goals. That method just lead to me questioning why am I trying to reach all these goals and not enjoying the moments with those around me that I have fun with. So that method got tossed out.

Now I am learning what I believe is the best method, that I would like to share with those reading here.

Self-discipline and trust yourself. Without these characteristics, it is very hard to reach your goals and enjoy your time with loved ones.

I prepare my snacks ahead of time, for example, I eat a good meal before I go to an event so that I am not hungry for a couple hours. I pack a protein bar in my pocket so that when I get hungry and if my friends are busy, then it buys me at least another hour to find food, verses getting hangry. When your body is used to working out frequently and eating every 2-3 hours the metabolism speeds up and you can’t mess with the body. It is okay to have a couple french fries, but keep your overall day and week in check by counting calories with apps like MyFitnessPal (click here to add me).

It takes a while to build a good routine and habits, but once you find your groove, it is priceless.

Let me know below what other methods you guys use!

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