Perspective (Phase 1, Day 25)

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2017-05-05-Day25If you look at the face of a child, you will mostly see joy, excitement and great imagination with belief. When you look at a face of an adult, it looks like someone just smashed their face in the ground and they full of despair. The only thing different is the adult experienced more of life than the child. And the adult has chosen to view unmet expectations as a negative thing.

Look at Medicine, we teach students to place a life expectancy on diseases and they become true only when the patient accepts it to be true and then it becomes so concrete in the human mind that everyone believes it is a fact, when the fact is the human mind brought it to existence. Universities admit students on grades, not on creativity and the ability to change the world. If only a failed exam were interpreted as one step closer. A loss in a race as another step in the right direction. A failed experiment, as another elimination of a wrong answer choice to soon reach the right technique. An illness, as a chance to inspire. A broken heart as a chance to experience the depth love.


Change your perspective and you will see life is a beautiful art with no borders and at that point you will live your dreams.

I posted this to my Facebook account ( yesterday during my 8 mile run, or should I say jog/walk as I passed this waterfall in Florida. As you notice above, I mention this post is for Day 25, but today is Day 24 (counting down) of a 30 day challenge I gave myself starting 6 days ago. Why 30 days? Honestly, the number just popped to my head since it was beginning of the month of May and that would be about one month.

During these 30 days I would like to achieve certain goals:

  • Weigh 186 lb. by the end of the month (started at 189.5 lb.)
  • Make an undisclosed amount of money
  • Complete Chapter 3 (Nervous System) for my PhysioStasis program

In order to hit these one month goals, I have done the following:

  • Broken them up into one week goals (i.e. 188 lb. by the end of Week 1)
  • Wrote them on a whiteboard on my desk that I see every day
  • Wrote them on a calendar on my fridge

The last thing that I think is the most important, is to know WHY I want to achieve all things.

I know my WHY, what are your WHYs for the desires you wish to accomplish in life? Let me know below!

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