Persistence (Phase 1, Day 6)

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Myelinated AxonI just Googled the term persistence and got the following definition: “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” The second Google result I also like: “the continued or prolonged existence of something.” Now let’s take a closer look at these definitions.

Why didn’t the definition just mention that to be persistent, we just have to keep doing something? Clearly, that is not enough. We have to be firm, in continuing to carry out our decision every day. I have discussed my workouts, but also above in this post I have put a design I am very proud about, a myelinated axon, from Video 3.1 – Propagation of Action Potentials ( To get to that level of art and design using PPT, I had to stay firm and committed to designing very frequently and learning more techniques.

The next part of the first definition says that we need to keep going in spite of difficulty or opposition. Whether you know or not, I am currently in my last year of medical school. On top of my academic life, I also have my personal life. Many things we can and cannot control will happen and that is what we call just simple, plain old life. What we can do is learn techniques of how to handle these difficult situations better so that we can resume as soon as possible our course of action. For example, if I know I have an exam coming up in a couple weeks, I should learn to pace my studies so that I am not cramming when the exam approaches and thereby not working on my program. If it is planned out and balanced, then it will help us better to stay paced out. Of course don’t try to make life perfect, that is not the purpose, just more enjoyable and balanced.

What I really like about the latter definition above is where it mentions the prolonged existence of something. Imagine people you love who have left or passed away. God bless them. Imagine if you could keep them alive longer and longer and in great condition and in your presence. Find your passions and learn to keep them alive.

I welcome you below to mention how you find ways to prolong the existence of your passions, goals, ideas and works of art, despite the difficulties you face in order to remain firm in your ways. With that said, time to go for a nice morning run!

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